sábado, 17 de maio de 2014

Welcome back,

1 -This time I´d like to start by sharing with you a great video which tells us:
Our story in two minutes

2- And now let´s go back a few decades.

Watch these YouTube videos:
The 1950s
The 1960s
The 1970s
The 1980s
The 1990s

Post an opinion on one of them.

3-  Now...

The turbulent 1960s

4-And finally ...

The subjunctive
Exercise 1      2      3      4   

Impersonal pronouns
Exercise  1

That's all I have for now.

20 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Just finished seeing all the videos, and they were quite interesting! The first one, that summarizes our story in just two minutes it's amazing, because it's able to show us so many things in a short period of time.
In my opinion the videos from 1950s till 1990s were all very well done, simple and quick, because nobody wants to watch a boring and long video. My favorite video was the one about the 1990s because it reminded me a lot of things from my childhood from toys like Barbie and Tamagotchi till cartoon like The Magic School Bus.
I really appreciated the exercises about the Subjunctive, they helped me doing the homework and will surely help for the written test next week!

That's all for now! See you tomorrow teacher! :)

Érica Correia 12º9

Anónimo disse...

Hey , thank u for this information teacher , like Erica said this videos were interesting , and it show us a little bit of the past .
About the exercises ,they were nice ! It was nice of you sharing this

Thank u
Joao Sousa 12º9

Beatriz Silva disse...

Hey teacher!! I loved the videos, it helped me a lot doing my sumamry for the test! I did some exercises and i hope you do some like that at the test!

Good weekend
Beatriz Silva, 12º9

Anónimo disse...

I watched all the videos. My favourite was the 90s one because I'm a 90s kid and that reminds me of my childhood.

Thanks for shring this with us.

Estefânia Ferreira 12º03

Rodrigo Vieira disse...

Hello teacher, thank you for the time that you put into these exercises all year long. Since this will be your last time posting here, I'd like to thank you for all the effort.
I really apreciate all of the exercises, it made me understand a bit more regarding this subject.
Rodrigo Vieira, 12º9

Anónimo disse...

hey teacher, thank you for the exercises they are going to be helpful for this last test. my favorite video is the one from the 90's because like erica said it reminded me about my childhood-nostalgia :)

filipa barros 12º9

Danilo disse...

Hey teacher!

I have been looking through the videos and I really liked the 1st one (which tell uss our story) the most. As for the exercises I want to thank you for your effort on making us understand the subjunctive better.
Well, see you next time and I hope you have a great day,

Danilo Ornelas 12º09

Anónimo disse...

Hi, teacher! Since this is the last time that I'm writing here I'd like to thank you a lot for doing all this work for us. It helped me a lot (by summarizing the subjects or even checking grammar) and prepared myself very well for all the tests that you've made! Keep doing that great job!

The videos were very good, especially the "Our story in two minutes" and the one about the 90's (it was very nostalgic). Thank you for the exercises, as well. They were very useful!

See you tomorrow,
Filipe Gouveia 12º09

Sara Ornelas disse...

Hello teacher!

I enjoyed all of the videos, but my favorite was the one about de 1990's. It reminded me of all my childhood memories!! Also the one about the start of the universe and our world nowadays was very interesting. Thank you for the videos and the exercises!
See you tomorrow.

Sara Ornelas 12º3

Laura Coelho disse...

Hi teacher! Thank you so much for all you effort and hard work, it must have been quite difficult to find all those videos and select the ones that portray each decade the best.

As most of my colleagues have already said, I would have to say that the 90s' video was my favourite. Relieving my childhood through the video was such a pleasant experience.

What is more, I would like to thank you for the exercises, it will be a great help for tomorrow's test, seeing that it provided me some kind of practice.

I'm guessing this will be my last comment on your blog, which leaves me feeling somewhat nostalgic...

See you tomorrow!

Laura Coelho 12º3

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher!! Since it's the last time we post a comment here I'd like to thank you for your efforts. I think this blog really helps us both by summarizing the subjects as well as helping to understand the grammar.

Regarding the vídeos, as everyone said the one about the 90s was very nostalgic and I really liked the first one! It look like something taken out of an episode of Cosmos :P
Anyway thanks for the exercises on the subjuntive. They helped me to understand it better.

I'll see you tomorrow! Make an easy test!

Diana Silva 12º09

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher!

First of all, I would like to thank you for all the information that you provided us, I'm sure it will be very helpful.
About the videos, like the rest of my colleagues, my favourite video was the one about the 1990s because it remminded me a lot of my childhood (obviously).
About the exercises, I must say that some of them made me a little bit confused but they were a really good preparation for the test.

Thank you once again, see you tomorrow!

Carolina Abreu 12º3

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher! Finally managed to leave you a comment :)
Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed watching all of the videos, and I really felt like I was back in time, especially because of the songs! (love "more than a feeling", and "Imagine"too)
Got a bit sad when I saw the 1960's one about the murders :(
Thanks to you, I now got some britney's songs stuck in my head! Thank you for sharing this information! I will remember this tomorrow!
Also, Thank you for the exercises :)
One must study for the test and do the exercises recommended by our teacher's blog!

See you tomorrow!
Big kiss,
Isabel Gonçalves 12º1 (I guess, I spend so much time in highschool I can't even remember my class [hah, the irony]).

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher, i've just finished watching the videos that you provided us and i want to thank you a lot for giving us so much helpful information! About the exercises, i feel that these helped me understand better the grammar necessary for the test!
thank you,
Diogo Góis, nº6, 12º14

Anónimo disse...

I like in special the video of the 90's, because with that video we can remember somethings that we had in the past, like Gameboy and pokemon.
Luís Gomes 12º14

jasmins disse...

hello teacher,
i want to thank you for these helpful videos and exercises, i fell that it helped me understand better the grammar.
thank you!

Luís Pires disse...

Hi teacher! I just finished watching all the clips and, although it rose my longings of my childhood, I think they were pretty informative.

C u tomorrow!

Luís Pires 12º14

Rodrigo Neves disse...

Hi Teacher!
Just finished watching the videos really liked the 80s one. You can say that it was a entertainment filled decade.
And also a grim reminder of when MTV actually meant "Music Television"(miss those times).

Have a good night!
Rodrigo Neves 12ª14

Carlota CTeles disse...

Hi teacher,
I enjoyed all the videos and I finded very useful for the test.
Thank you so much for putting grammar exercices, that helped me a lot.
See you tomorrow.
Carlota Teles, 12º14

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher, finally managed to leave a comment on your famous blog ehehe. Although i am not going to discuss any topic, i would like to congratulate you for the wonderful blog you have been developing. It is, not only, helpful, but also really interesting. Keep having that high intensity energy that you have when you give classes and keep pushing hard for the students, that way they will grow up and be more helpful citizens in this society. I know that you believe in hard work and now, more than ever, we have to work hard and with effectiveness so thanks for those teachings. Always try to improve yourself and you will continue to be a great teacher! Thanks for everything!

Best regards and best of luck,

Pedro Correia