quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2012

Welcome to EnglishNet, the  EFL blog for Jaime Moniz students.

Here you have the opportunity to learn, practise and improve your English in a different way.
This is a place where you will find useful links for improving your English: grammar exercises, vocabulary tasks, videos, songs ...
You will also be able to participate and give opinions.

For now find out some entertaining facts about THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE:

The words "racecar", "kayak" and "level" are the same whether they are read left to right or right to left (palindromes).

"Dreamt" is the only English word that ends in the letters "mt".

 The most common vowel  in English is "e" and the most common consonant is "r" followed by "t". The letter "q" is the least used.

"Invisibility" is the only word in the English language which has one vowel, but this vowel occurs five times.

I hope you enjoy and get the most of this blog!

See you next time!

7 comentários:

João Nuno disse...

Interesting facts.

- João Nuno

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher!

Those facts that you posted are really curious.
Some of those words I have used them so many times, however I had never noticed on the things you said about them.

Maria Luísa 12º5

Rúben Abreu 12º7 disse...

Hi teatcher!

I have visited this blogue so many times ago in the last school year and i have to say that it really helped me a lot as a way of study, specially for the compositions.Thanks teatcher and i hope that the blogue will help me a lot this year!

Oh! by the way, nice facts!

Lina Pereira 12.5 disse...

I'm happy to know that students will be able to use this blog once again and keep updated about the topics that are talked in the classroom. Thank you teacher for helping us through this blog and telling us these interesting facts!

Lina Pereira 12.5

Sara Gomes 12º4 disse...

Hi teacher!
This blogue is a great form to help your students and entertain us with the culture stuff that you put like this facts.

Anónimo disse...

Olá prof, tem muitas cenas fixes aqui!

Anónimo disse...

olá professora, factos que nunca tinha reparado aqui..
Raquel Baptista 12º4