sábado, 18 de novembro de 2017

Hello students,

Improve your English outside the classroom and revise for the written and oral tests.

There are several materials for you to use. Feel free to use them in a way that helps you.

1 - Let´s start with

As you know, in 1948 the United Nations wrote The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that established international standards about the rights and freedoms everyone is entitled to.

Watch this video from YouTube:

2 - However, human rights violations still occur around the world.
Each of the following videos portrays a violation of human rights. 

3 - The challenge for us all is to try to make a change and  fulfill the promise of the UDHR.

Watch these:

4  - Let's check 

Gerunds and infinitives
Exercise    1    2    3      

Phrasal verbs


That's all for now.
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Thank you! J