domingo, 20 de novembro de 2016

Hello  all,

1 . Our topic  this month is Human Rights for all

As you know, in 1948 the United Nations wrote The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that established international standards about the rights and freedoms everyone is entitled to.

Watch this video from YouTube:

However, human rights violations still occur around the world.
Each of the following videos portrays a violation of human rights. 

The challenge is for us all to join hands and fulfill the promise of the UDHR

Listen to these songs.

2. Grammar check

Gerunds and infinitives
Exercise    1     2       3       4

Phrasal verbs


That's all for now.
Please leave a comment on one of the videos.

Thank you! J

2 comentários:

Maria Rola disse...

Hello teacher, thank you for the videos and exercises, they were really useful and helped me understand and prepare for both the test and oral presentation.
Maria Rola, 12º10

Cláudia disse...

Just finished watching the videos on your most recent article and they were just so inspirational. I've realized that so many countries around the world don't want to follow the UDHR. Portugal is clearly going forward into reaching the status of fully respecting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but, of course, there's a lot left to do, like stopping our different income, and making entirely sure that discrimination is banned from our daylife. These things last said might be difficult to achieve, but people know that, making them happen, is probably going to make our life "easier to live".
So, thank you for posting them.

Cláudia Jesus 12.º10