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Welcome back!

1 - Human rights for all

Freedom fighters

These three men took action to ensure the promotion and protection of human rights. They are prominent examples of how freedom and justice can be won through non-violent actions.

Let´s learn more about them. Watch these YouTube videos:

Now watch this inspirational video:

2 - Open doors, open minds

Read these three articles of the Universal Declaration of Human rights

Article 13
Right to Free Movement in and out of the Country
Article 14
Right to Asylum in other Countries from Persecution
Article 15
Right to a Nationality and the Freedom to Change It

As you know, migration has been a constant feature of human history.

Watch these videos.

3- Grammar time!

These exercises allow you to get more practice.


Exercise   1         2         3            4

Inversion of the subject

Exercise    1        2           3            4

That's all for now!

Please feel free to leave some interesting comments related to the videos.

See you! 

12 comentários:

Rodrigo Miguel disse...

The videos are the proof that the can make a difference.

Filipa Rodrigues disse...

Good afertoon!I really enjoyed the movie traillers especially the one from Nelson Mandela.When i was watching it, it literally gave me goosepumps and it really made me want to wacth it.It seemed very inspirational and accurate to what happened at Nelson Mandela time.I wish there was more people like him in the world!

Filipa Rodrigues nº6 12º10

Cláudia disse...
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Cláudia disse...

It's incredible. Watching those videos, full of character, true feelings, and memorable idols, made me feel inspired in a way that I truly felt that I can be the change, and so does everyone else...
I see things clearer now! If I want to live in a world where love is in every heart, where freedom is in every word that it's said, where respect is in every action that it's done, I need to be that change - I need to be the change that I want to see in this world...
And, with this all said, I wonder how the world would be if everyone could just see things this clear.

Cláudia Jesus 12º10

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher!! Thanks for the Trailers, I think they are a great way of motivating us to learn about those men.
And the other videos were really helpful to understand more about those issues.
Thank you for the exercises as well, really good to practise for the test.

Isabel Teixeira 12º11

Anónimo disse...

The last few videos were very interesting and quite relatable. And the movie trailers made me want to watch those movies,specially Selma.
Thank you for the exercises, as they were a good way to practise for the test.

Margarida Palermo 12ª11

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher! Thank you for the exercises, they were extremely helpful! I also found the videos quite interesting.. especially because there's so much to say about this topic.

Mariana Câmara 12º11

Anónimo disse...

Hi Teacher! Thank you for the exercises and videos! They have improved my knowledge!
João Dias 12°11

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher! I've actually already watched one of those movies (Gandhi) and I find very inspiring. Thank you for those exercises, they helped me practise for our test. I hope you keep making great posts just like this one and we can further discuss intersesting topics in our class.

Ana Moniz nº1 12º31

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher! First of all, I really enjoyed your blog! It has helped my research on the topic of Human Rights. I wish I had seen this post before our test because it would have definetly helped me prepare for our test. Thank you for your work,

LAURA GOUVEIA nº16 12º31

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day :p

Anónimo disse...

Hey there teacher! I like your blog. This post has made me want to watch those movies. It's fantastic the way they portray these freedom fighters. I hope you can post something on the grammar and the topic we are now talking in class.

Carina Nóbrega nº6 12º31

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher! Thank you for posting helpful tips on the topic. In what concerns the human rights activists I'm happy that you shared the videos related to them. Those movies show that their legacy will remain in our minds and their contribute to this fight is not in vain. Also, thank you for the grammar exercises.
Anabela Pestana 12°31