quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011

Teen world

Hello students!
Prepare for the written and oral tests. Watch these videos.

Peer pressure
Teen Behaviour and Culture
Teens as targets

Test your grammar skills!

Purpose clauses
Exercise 1 Exercise 2

Defining and non-defining relative clauses
Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3

Third Conditional
Exercise 1 Exercise 2

Building questions
Exercise 1 Exercise 2

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See you next time!

14 comentários:

Margarida Isabel Faria, 11º6 disse...

Hi teacher, thanks for posting!
I believe it's pretty importat for us to make these exercises before the written test

João Pedro Freitas 11º6 disse...

Thanks for the post! I think it will help very much on the oral test! :)

Jessica Martins 11º10 disse...

Thanx for taking the time to post on the blog.
I'm sure it will help a lot of students study for the up coming test.


João Pedro Freitas 11º6 disse...

Sorry... written test!!!

Duarte Gomes 11º6 disse...

Thanks for the exercises teacher! Personally speaking, they are a huge help for the test. See you tomorrow.

Inês Baeta 11º6 disse...

Thanks for the post!! This exercises are very helpfull to me. See you tomorrow.

Catarina Araújo 11'6 disse...

Hi teacher! :D
Thanks for posting exercises, its very important for me and the rest of the students (i think :P) because its a good way to know if we are prepared for the test!

Mariana Ornelas 11º6 disse...

Thank you teacher for posting here these kind of exercises!!!
They helped me a lot too*
Kisses, *

Liliana Rosa 11º8 disse...

Hey teacher, thanks for the post...I believe that is important to the test! bye bye**

Turma 11º8 disse...

Hello teacher here we are in our free time in panic thanks to your test -.- (jkg)we want to say thanks for posting those exercise which are very useful :D
Stay well ***

Monica Nunes 11º10 disse...

Tnhks for the exercises ... It really helps :)

Clésia Gouveia, 11º10 disse...

Thanks for posting!
I did some exercises and I think that what you do is very important for students because you help us studying.

Brenda Silva 11º10 disse...

Hello teacher!
Thank you for the exercises, they really help a lot! =D

Margarida 11º14 disse...

Hey, teacher!

I've watched the videos and I found them really interesting, as most of what is said there is actually true. Thanks for posting them and the exercises too.

See you tomorrow.