domingo, 20 de outubro de 2013

Hello students!

Improve your English outside the classroom!
There are several materials for you to use. Feel free to use them in a way that helps you.

Let's have a look at 

Watch these YouTube links.

One more video:

These exercises online allow you to get more practice!

Inversion in Conditional sentences
Exercise    1     2     3     

Inversion of the subject
Exercise    1    2     3     4     

Exercise    1    2     3      4

I encourage anyone who logs on to leave a comment . 

That's all for now.

See you next time.

33 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Hello Teacher, thank you for posting those videos, it was interesting watching them. See you next time.

Margarida 12º1

Carolina Rodrigues disse...
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Carolina Rodrigues disse...

Good evening theacher, I saw the videos. They were very insteresting.

The 3rd video was so much fun. My favority accent was german.

See you next class.
Carolina Rodrigues 12º3

Luís Pires disse...

Luís Pires, Nº18, 12º14

Good afternoon teacher. So, as you asked for, I've watched the YouTube links you shared and I think all of them were pretty nice. Also, although the last one, which so happens to be my favourite, aims for humorous purposes, is still built upon true facts.

Sara Ornelas disse...

Hi teacher!
I just saw the videos and I found them very interesting!
I really liked the 3rd one (about the different accents) and the last one (so funny!!!).
I'll see you next class.

Sara Ornelas 12º3

vitor Caires disse...

Hi teacher, i've seen the videos and i liked especially the third wich i actually had already seen it and i enjoyed it.

Vítor Caires 12º14

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher, I saw the videos as you asked us to do and I really liked them!
Just like everybody else, the 3rd video was also my favorite one and I have to say that my favorite accent was Russian.
See you next class!

Carolina Abreu, 12º6

Anónimo disse...

hello Teacher
I watched the videos and I liked it, it was very interesting.
Thank you for sharing it.

Duarte Sumares, 12º3

Laura Coelho disse...

Hi Teacher! Thank you for showing such interesting videos, some of them really made me laugh.

I particularly enjoyed the one about different accents, it had such a "creative" vocabulary, I might say. It was a shame there wasn't a Portuguese accent, though.

I believe I laughed the most during the second video, the radom images were hilarious! Some of them were quite clever actually, but others didn't make sense at all, which made the video even funnier.

Hope it's not too late for you to check this, see you tomorrow!

Laura Coelho, 12º3

Anónimo disse...

Hello there!
As requested I've taken the time too watch all three of the proposed videos, and i must say they were quite interesting. Although I must say the first one was a bit rubbish due to the lack of video quality.
The second one was quite informative and I rather liked the dash of randomness in the pictures displayed in the background.
As for the third one, I'm afraid i'll be a bit cliche and admit it was my favorite. Despite the cockney, the Liverpool one, the New York one and the Italian-english accents being a bit off, the humor was spot on. I rather enjoyed the regional references included in the sketches, and I was forced to chortle the moment he said "sheep shagger" when mentioning the welsh accent.
Furthermore, I must say it was quite the educational experience to watch this videos, And I'm looking forward to seeing more

Miguel Pupo 12º3

Anónimo disse...

hello teacher, i saw the videos they were interesting and funny.
the 3rd video was my favorite

filipa 12º9

Ana Jardim disse...
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Ana Jardim disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Ana Jardim disse...

Hi teacher, I watched those videos as you told us to do and I like them.
See you next class.

Ana Jardim 12º1

Anónimo disse...

Good afternoon teacher. I saw the videos, and I laughed a lot on the third. Thank you. See you tomorrow.

Filipe Gouveia 12º9

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher! I watched the vídeos you posted and I've got to say the third and the last one were hilarious. I really enjoyed the Russian accent, it's always funny to listen.
This was quite informative too. I'll hope to see more.
See you tomorrow!

Diana Silva 12º09

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher. I saw the videos, the last one were very funny.
See you tomorrow!

Francisco Diogo 12º1

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher, this is Catarina from 12º1!
I just saw the video you posted about "The English language in 24 accents", and I have to be honest... I never thought that English could have so many accents! aha

See you tomorrow!

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher, this is Catarina from 12º1!
I just saw the video you posted about "The English language in 24 accents", and I have to be honest... I never thought that English could have so many accents! aha

See you tomorrow!

Diogo Pereira disse...

Hello there!
I do like listening to different accents, so I really enjoyed the 3rd you posted, plus it was very funny! See you tomorrow!

Diogo Pereira nº6 12º/9

Danilo disse...

Hey teacher, good evening. I've checked the videos you posted. Sorry to say that I had already seen the third one but i still laugh pretty bad at it. My favorite accent was the scouse accent (the one from Liverpool).

See you tomorrow!

Danilo 12º09

Anónimo disse...

Hey teacher, after seeing the videos you posted i just can say that the first two were very informative and the third and fourth were hilarious, i liked it. See you tomorrow.
Carlota Mendonça 12º09

Anónimo disse...

Hi Teacher!

I´ve watched all the three videos, and well, the one who caught my attention right away, was the last one. It's really interesting to see that different areas around the world speak English with different accents!

Looking forward to class tomorrow!
Cláudia Silva 12º9

kikoperestrelo disse...

Hi teacher
Thank you for posting those videos, that last one was very funny. See you next time

Francisco Perestrelo 12-1

Anónimo disse...

Hello, we're Rodrigo Sousa & Mariana Sousa from 12º1!!
We watched the videos and we enjoyed them very much coz' they were very helpful, interesting and funny, especially the last two.
Well, see you next class, kiss!

Anónimo disse...

Good morning teacher. I finally saw the video. I guess they will help me for the test this week. At least, this is was I hope.. It is nice to know that portuguese is one of the most spoken languages in the world!
Well, see you next class.

Estefânia, 12°3.

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher!
Because we have test tomorow I wondered if it wouldn't be a nice idea to check out this videos.
Surprisingly the videos were actually funny and i've learnt a little bit more with them.
Unfortunately the exercises are not so funny so I have to study more, I hope that the test is easy.
See you tomorrow

Frederico 12:14

Anónimo disse...

hi teacher, i seen the youtube videos as you tell us to do and i liked the first and the last . the second was a bit boring but usefull.

Marco 12-14

Rodrigo Neves disse...

Rodrigo Neves 12-14

Good evening Teacher, thank you for the extra help they were pretty interesting like the 2nd video, the way he puts the images according to each word he says was kinda funny.

See you tomorrow have a nice night.

Anónimo disse...

Francisco Sousa nº9 12º1

Carlota CTeles disse...

Hi teacher! I've seen all the videos and in my opinion all of them are really interesting. See you tomorrow.

Carlota Teles, nº2; 12º14

Anónimo disse...

Hy teacher,
I am apreciate for those videos and exercices that you dispose in your blog.

Leonardo Faria 12º1

Anónimo disse...

"My favority accent was german."
My favority???????????????