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Hello students!
1. Think of a suitable caption for the picture above. Write it on your comment.
2. Take a look at the following videos and leave a meaningful comment on one of them.

The effects of prejudice and discrimination

Stop discrimination

What is culture?

Differences are essential

Heal the world

3. Vocabulary time!
Countries of the world

4. Time for ...

Here you have the chance to find and correct any grammar mistakes you may be making.
I hope you find the exercises helpful.

Gerunds and Infinitives
Exercise 1 2 3 4

Future Perfect and Future Continuous
Exercise 1 2 3 4

Indirect questions
Exercise 1 2 3

Impersonal passive voice
Exercise 1 2 3

A big thanks to Helena who suggested this post :

Did you know....

No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, purple.

There are only four words in the English language which end in "dous": tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous.

"Underground" is the only word in the English language that begins and ends with the letters "und".  

The sentence: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter of the alphabet.  

  And that's all for now.

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Juliana and Sandra, 11º2 disse...

"Lets hold our hands and change the World!"
We choose the video about discrimination... Being different is normal, but making a difference is hard so we should stop discriminating the others and be together since we are all citizens of the World and we have the same rigths and duties.

Diogo disse...

Picture title : Cultures United

I'm commenting about the "heal the world" video, which I formed an opinion about. Since the world is constantly at war, either over the etnicities or the menace of losing some territory or even 'cause of some stupid taunt, the world will always be at war because there are lots of close-minded people, so the idea of the music is to promote unity so we can fight discrimination, poverty, the close-minded political monkeys. It's an inpiration for those people who are insecure of themselves, to stand together and fight for their rights.

Wilson Oliveira 11º02 disse...

Title: The world in your hands!

I choose the 3rd video, because this video concerns multiculturalism. Nowadays it is important. What matters is not the question "What is Culture?", but to celebrate it, to embrace the differences that we have, accept them, and stand united. It's about accepting and understanding what everyone else believes in.

Ed e BOB disse...

First of all we would like to thank you for these posts that you made.

This picture "different colors same world" matches well with the video that we chose as it represents discrimination. It shows us that its with our hands that we have to change the world around us.

In our opinion it would be fair to choose the Michael Jackson`s video as it tries to appeal for a better world without discrimination. We really enjoyed this music not only because of the rhythm but because of the lyrics which appeal to our feelings anda makes the viewer think.

It`s important to be critical and accept the others' ideas.

Helena, 11º2 disse...

My caption for the picture is "United in Diversity".

As far as the videos are concerned, I found the one about culture brilliant! Culture is surely one thing that we must preserve as it is part of our nature, part of us.
Besides, as it is quoted on the video, it is something that unites people, something that opens our minds. Giving value to different cultures leads us to giving value to others, to our differences and consequently helps to erradicate one of the biggest problems of our time: discrimination.

Anónimo disse...

The caption of the picture should be We belong together

We chose the video "Differences are essencial".

Imagine if all people were of the same colour. It would just be monotonous and depressing. When you enter a rose-garden the wealth of colours is enourmous.
The world is like a garden and the different races are the flowers which constitute its decoration. Every flower has its own beauty.

Juan and Carlota, 1102

Sara e Adriana 11.2 disse...

Picture title: Unity in Diversity

We chose the video about diversity... Diversity is what makes the world more interesting. If we were all the same there would be no difference of opinions and there would be no evolution. However, when people don't respect diversity it can lead to wars and violence.Therefore along with diversity there should also be a great amount of respect among different races,religions or even sexual orientations.

Joao Nuno/ Guilherme (11º2) disse...

Title: "While skin color is more important than the brightness of the eyes, there will always be war" - Bob Marley

We choose the "Stop Discrimination video" because nowadays discrimination is one of the several problems in our society.
There are many types of descrimination, like gender and race. Racism hurts others and it should be stopped. The video shows us how to stop descrimination, because it affects many people in our world.

Luísa Rocha e Lina Pereira 11º2 disse...

The title we've chosen for the picture is: "Union"
Our favourite video is the one about culture:'What is culture?'.
This video is well done due to its catchy music and to the wonderful quotes provided. We really get involved into the subject and we get touched by its message, it makes us think about it.
From now on we promise to take culture more into account since it represents a great part of ourselves.

Inês, 11º2 disse...

John F Kennedy once said that the wave of the future is not the conquest of the world by a single dogmatic creed but the liberation of the diverse energies of free nations and free men.
Oddly, being different is exactly what brings us up together. Diversity fills up the spaces between personalities, opens and frees our minds. Though some people say that we should end our differences, I think that we should keep them as a treasure and as a valuable weapon against life’s all contradictions. We are all unique. We’ve got to see a bigger picture, we’ve got to take the chance of being open without fearing being hurt. Nation’s fear of destruction must be overcome and more connection between races should be embraced as a goal. This is no more than just a shadow of what we could do as a united world. As well as us, there is a huge diversity of opportunities, so there is no reason for us not to take them…And always remember that the trick is keeping in mind that we are all different but yet all the same...

Anónimo disse...

After watching all the videos, we chose the one which concerns the importance of diversity in our lives.

Through the eyes of our society, diversity is described as a variety of characteristics that make individuals different from their peers. Unique, we'd say. However, our society fails to embrace those differences.

The world is a big stage in which everyday. a simple minority strives to successfully embrace diversity. The majority of us, on the other hand, keep on discriminating other people based on their race, culture, etc.

If we were all of the same colour, if we all had the same traditions, if we all believed and cherished the same values... Well, let's face it, it wouldn't be not even half the fun. In fact, the effect would be monotonous and depressing. Humankind can and should be compared to a palette, filled whith so many different colours which represent all the diferent people we get in touch with in our daily lives.

Our view, as far as diversity is concerned, is that cultural differences are a necessary exploration that must take place in leading a global impact for human equality. There is no way to escape or ignore that diversity exists in the world. Therefore, our everyday search for knowledge and truth must also include an effort (even the smallest one) to understand what really unites people.

Leonor Neves
Samina Dellinger
11º Ano - Turma 2

Ana Francisca e Catarina 11º2 disse...

You need all parts to make the whole. Without diversity, life as we know it would have stagnated and died out long ago. That's why we have no possible reason to discriminate other people for the simple fact of being different: Diversity is the one true thing that we all have in common. We shouldn't criticize it!
Besides, life is tough. There's no need to make it tougher for us or the people around us. Difference is essencial to life and the world as we know it.. Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we were all alike?
There would be no individuality, personality or opinion. We would be nothing more than mechanized robots that we so often create.
That said, we have no legible reasons not to accept others for who they are and their view of the world since all creatures are unique and needful. Respect and tolerate difference. Stop discriminating!

Fábio Abreu disse...

Fábio Abreu 11º9
"Stop Discrimination"
As for the video, it's a simple one but it has a deep message. Discrimination is something that everyone should be aware of so that it might be possible to stop it.

Nanosuit disse...

Aléxis Santos 11º9

Title of picture: A world of diversity

Video: "Heal the World"

Wow!! Michael Jackson's song really fits in this whole subject of saving the world. The lyrics are plain simple but many people forget that the most simple words carry the most important meaning.
War, hunger, pollution are several different roads to human anihilation. But there's only one way to reverse this terror. To unite and march towards "healing the world". We have the power but not the will.

Ângela & Filipe 11º09 disse...

Picture Title: Different Colors, Same Rights.

We choose the "Stop Discrimination"video...because this is what is happening in our world, people are being more and more discriminated by others and that shouldn't happen,
We are born and we die the same way, therefore we should have the same rights.
If we want to be respected and if we want people to respect our differences we have to respect others...

Fabiana Marcos Filipe 11º9 nº9 disse...

Title : "We are all different but all the same."
I choose the video about discrimination.I enjoyed all the videos but the phrase that I liked most was "Let's hold our hands and change the World!" Because with willpower we get everything!

Guilherme/Telmo disse...

Hi.... we choose the last video about Michael Jackson which is the song-heal the world-it´s a great one. We made this choice because of its lyrics.
"There's a place in your heart an i know that it is love"-our favorite part of the song!(that's the reson of our reason. Thank for this lesson! It was an amazing class.

Guilherme and Telmo.

Anónimo disse...

Sara Ferreira 11º09
"All the cultures make a better world"

In my opinion, the best video is the second one: "stop discrimination".
It shows what discrimination is and why we should stop it. I think all of us should know that we have to stop discriminating people, so it should not be necessary to see these videos to know what happens around the world. However many people do not know it because they live a "perfect life" and these videos are the only thing they have to get a better perspective of the world. People have to know that different cultures exist and they are what makes the Earth shine.

Sara e Andreia 11º9 disse...

Caption:"being different is being you"

"stop discrimination!!!"
People are unique, so don`t change because someone told you to. Just be who you are and don`t regret that `cause being different is the best way of showing the world you are special :)

Mariana Câmara disse...

After watching all the videos, I think "Stop Discrimination" is the best one because it shows how discrimination can hurt people's feelings and what we can do to stop this severe problem in our society.
"Stop Discrimination" gives the message of the different types of discrimination such as: gender and race.
This prejudice leads to serious psycological problems which affect people's lives.
As a result of the injustice in our society, we have to make it stop by opening our mind and accepting others for who they really are.
Let's STOP Discrimination!

Anónimo disse...

Daniel Caires 11º9

Picture : All colours can turn in one.

Our skin can have many colours, but our heart only has one colour, We have to look inside , not outside, we have to understand that we are all humans , and what changes is the colour of the skin, but that is not importante because our heart only has ONE COLOUR !!!

Anónimo disse...

João Nuno 11º09
"A multicolored world"

We live in a world where discrimination affects part of the community unfairly:
Men have better conditions at work than women; People with darker skin tones are considered inferior in our community and immigrants also have their struggles with the community in the countries they settle in.
The video "Stop discrimination" comes to show us just that.
We shouldn't let people be treated differently by the place or genes they were born with. As such, it's THEIR RIGHT to have our support.

daniel and vitor 11'9 disse...

from all the videos watched we choose "stop discrimination" because it's the most enlightning one.it shows a reality that sorrounds our social life, either we want it or not. you respect everybody not because it's the right think to do, but because you can see more than race or clothes. only ignorant people can have that much of a superficial view of the world.

Micaela Branco and Débora Sá, 11º9 disse...

Our tittle for the picture is: " Why does everyone criticize black, if all colours together give origin to black?"

The video that we chose to talk about is the second one, about discrimination in the world. Unfortunately, discrimination afects many people, and doesn't only include racism. In fact, also in our society we deal with discriminations problems, when people make fun of others because of their physical appearance or economic situation.
Respect others to be respected!!
Let's all try to fight against discrimination, because it hurts others' feelings!

Anónimo disse...


Anónimo disse...

Carina e Claudia 11.5:
hi teacher !
Our tittle for the picture is:
"Together united we will change the society!"

We choose the "Stop Discrimination video" because nowadays discrimination is one of the most serius problems in our world.If we want others to respect our differences we have to respect others too.

Mara, Margarida e Maria João, 11º5 disse...

Picture title: "All different, all the same"

We decided to talk about the video "Stop discrimination" because it shows perfectly that there's no need to discriminate the others because we all have the same rights and we all are human beings with feelings,so don't hurt anyone if you don't want them to hurt you. Accept everyone for who they are, stop discrimination!

Pedro e Mariana 11º05 *** disse...

The caption for this picture is "Three hands, one world".
We choose the 2nd video, "Stop discrimination". Because we need to say NO to discrimination! In our opinion this video transmits a message that we need to know and respect, so that our world becomes a better place without racism, wars and xenophobia. If our society said NO to discrimination, everyone would have the same opportunities.

Alexandrina, Barcelos and Vítor - 11º5 disse...

A suitable caption for this picture would be: "Why not unite all races/colors like a rainbow?"

We would like to express our strong point of view about the video "Diversity: Differences Are Essential". First of all we all agree that in our world there are several different problems related to racism and xenophobia. Still we think that there's a solution for all of them. We have to see the differences like a positive thing, they are essential to create a world full of diversity and respect for each other. What's the point of being all equal? That doesn't sound like a lot of fun, the world would be a very boring place to live in. In our opinion we all should have the same rights, but unfortunately not everybody agrees with us. In the end we're all the same species, our race doesn't give us any special features that can be a motive of discrimination. To conclude we think that we're walking in a good direction, fighting racism and supporting diversity, although we still have a long path to follow.

Beatriz Freitas,Beatriz Azevedo and Ana Cristina 11º5 disse...

Shake hands with diversity
The “Stop Discrimination” video was the most appealing video of them all.
This video tries to transmit that discrimination injures others. Therefore we must not discriminate. Our gender, religion and race should not be the reason to put apart others, because we all have the right to give our opinion. It’s our responsibility to make this world a better place to live! By working together we can accomplish great things!!!
We all are exceptional and important in our own way… So let’s stop discrimination!!!

Carolina, Laura e Sofia 11º5 disse...

We believe that a suitable caption for the picture would be "holding hands for diversity", for it clearly depicts different races got together to celebrate the fact that our world is filled with various cultures, as well as all sorts of people, each and every one of them with their own beliefs and ways of regarding the world.

As for the video, "Stop Discrimination" was the one which stroke us the most, seeing as we are now living the era of multiculturalism, where different cultures come together within a unified society. As such, one should accept that being different is good. Having said that, it is vital to bear in mind that discrimination is not acceptable and has to be stopped!

ABCN; DFVA, MCS 11º5 disse...

"All together now"

We chose the video "Stop discrimination". This problem has let its roots in our society. We can see that even though discrimination was worse in the past, nowadays it is stil common when someone is looking for a job and the other people don't accept them as they are because of their race, sex, religion or sexual orientation.
If we want to be respected, we need to respect the others first.
"In the end antiblack, antifemale, and all forms of discrimination are equivalent to the same thing - antihumanism."- Shirley Chisholm

Tatiana Cabral disse...

"þ♀°×╗♥☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○♂§♀" Be different, be cool and don't be a fool!

The video which we're going to talk about is "Diferences are essencial". This video portrays very well the world where we live in. A world full of different people, where each person is unique.The differences between us are what make things more interesting in life. We should accept each one for his/her charateristics.
As a multicultural world we ought to embrace all the diverse traditions, habits,and skin colours that exist in this world. In sþite of all the differences, we must treat everyone equally.

Sara Gomes e Telma Gomes 11º4 disse...

"Be blind to discrimination"
Sometimes we should close our eyes when talking to people because we wouldn't be able to know if they're white, black or yellow and the way we talk to a white person would be the way that we talk to a black one, no discrimination.
The video about culture for us is really interesting because we saw so many definitions for the same word and in the end our culture is like our identification, we create it.

Luis Correia, 11º4 disse...

"All different, all equal."

Regarding the fourth video, I think it is vital that we embrace diversity. Social problems come not from the fact that we are all different, but from our reluctance to accept this fact. Not to say it is possible for everyone to get along perfectly, but cultural differences alone should never be a motive for hatred or discrimination.

Ana Araújo, 11º4 disse...

"United in diversity" is a possible caption for the image.

Regarding the video about stopping discrimination, I fully agree with the message. In this global world we live in, it's impossible to avoid people from other cultures. We should respect them and try to get something out of the experience. Learning with other cultures may give us knwoledge that might become handy while travelling or even if we choose to work in a different country.