terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2012


Hello students!

Here we are again!

Our topic is the world of work.
Watch these YouTube links.

The world of work then and now

The progress of information technology

Please feel free to leave some interesting comments related to the videos.

for you

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Building questions
Exercises 1 2 3 4

Passive voice
Exercises 1 2 3 4

Passive sentences with two objects
Exercises 1 2 3 4

See you next time!

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Lina Pereira 11º2 disse...

Hi! Original idea by posting a song which portraits the traditional ways of work!
It is also a bit scary to see how far did humanity go in such few years, we are really too attached to electronic devices and every sort of technology.
And thank you for posting the grammar exercises, they are going to be really useful! :)

Lina Pereira 11º2 disse...

*(correction)how far has humanity gone

Beatriz Azevedo nº6 11º5 disse...

Hello teacher!
I think the music is very entertaining and it represents well how was the traditional work a few years ago...
The other two videos were also very interesting. Before seeing them I had not realized how the world around us had changed so drastically manly because of the technology...
Thank you for posting those grammar exercices!
Have a nice Sunday and see you tomorrow!

Beatriz Azevedo nº6 11º5 disse...


Alexandrina 11º5 disse...

Hello teacher.
These videos are good to see all changes in work world. They can be scary, because, as we can see, in a few years our reality changed a lot and we can't imagine how our life will be in the future. A universe of discovery is waiting for us...
see you

Nuno Pereira 11º5 nº20 disse...


Helena 11º2 disse...

The fact that technolgy has changed our world is unquestionable and the world of work is surely representative of that change. It's up to us to choose the best way to use it.

See you ;)

Carina França 11º5 disse...

Hi teacher!
I enjoyed all tehe videos especially the music that portrays the traditional work!
see you :D

Vítor Encarnação disse...

Thank you once again for the exercises, they're a good way to prepare ourselves for the test

have a nice sunday!

Claudia 11º5 disse...

Hi teacher!!
The videos are great!Thank you for the exercises they will be very useful!
see you tomorow...

Rodrigo Soares 11º5 disse...


Anónimo disse...

Ângela Pinto 11º 9

Hello teacher!
It's incredible how the world of work has been changing and how technology has been constributing for this...
Thank you for posting the grammar exercises, they are going to be really useful to practise for the written test.

Roberto 11º4 disse...

Thanks teacher :D