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Hello students,

Improve your English outside the classroom and revise for the written and oral tests.

There are several materials for you to use. Feel free to use them in a way that helps you.

1 - Let´s start with

As you know, in 1948 the United Nations wrote The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that established international standards about the rights and freedoms everyone is entitled to.

Watch this video from YouTube:

2 - However, human rights violations still occur around the world.
Each of the following videos portrays a violation of human rights. 

3 - The challenge for us all is to try to make a change and  fulfill the promise of the UDHR.

Watch these:

4  - Let's check 

Gerunds and infinitives
Exercise    1    2    3      

Phrasal verbs


That's all for now.
Remember to leave a comment on one of the videos

Thank you! J

16 comentários:

Marta Freitas disse...

Hi, teacher. I found the video on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights very interesting. However, my favourites were the ones from UNICEF, especially the one with the six-year-old girl. Thank you for recommending us these videos!
Marta Freitas, 12º2

Miguel N. disse...

Hello teacher. I must say that the selection of videos was interesting. Firstly, considering the video about the UDHR, I can't deny that it was very informative, however, it was everything but appealing. The phrases went by too slowly or too fast and the music was extremely dull. Other than that, the movie trailers made their point regarding the violation of human rights. Furthermore, the exercises were helpful but when submiting the answers, the script gave some answers as incorrect even though they were the exact same as the sollution.
These videos and exercises will surely help anyone. Thank you!

Miguel Nóbrega, 12º14

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher! Thank you for the videos they were quite interesting and informing... especially because there's so much to say about this topic.I liked the video of UNICEF where people of 140 countries lend their voices for the children and sang John Lennon's music Imagine and i think this music has such a powerful message and all of us should live in harmony and peace.
Jorge Timóteo Silva,12º3

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher. The videos related to the violations of human rights are all so unbelievably realistic and concerning... I think we all had a general idea on those subjects, but after watching the videos, it´s impossible not to get emocional and start acting racional towards what´s happening in our world, I mean, with our humanity. It´s shocking how, for example, 50 million kids are refugees or migrants and are living in such terrible conditions with awful education... Where are the rights of all of these people? I think it´s essential that we start looking for solutions because if we keep ignoring this topic, we, as a whole , might suffer severe consequences even on a short-term basis.
Thank you for sharing there videos!

Teresa Albuquerque, 12º3

Anónimo disse...

Top teacher!

TMGF disse...

Hi teacher! Thank you so much for the videos! They really are eye-openers! It's very concerning knowing that still today children don't all get to have the same rights, it actually made me sad. I had already seen the one about the social experiments with Anano and both the songs!! Actually "Heal the World" has always been one of my favorite songs,it never fails to amaze me and i can´t help feeling emotional and guilty as a human being whenever i hear it, it carries such a powerful message!!
Teresa Madalena Faria 12º14

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher! I really enjoyed watching all of the videos. I think that in rich countries most of the people don´t even think about this issues because we are living a very good life when compared to millions of children who don´t even have the basic rights of freedom and safety. It´s really heartbreaking to see that so many children are abused everyday.It´s important to start sharing the message of these videos so that it can reach worldwide governments and international leaders in order for them to start caring more about this problem.

João Francisco 12º3

Anónimo disse...

Hey teacher! The videos were so much interesting and got me more fascinated about the UDHR topic. Thank you.
Martim Gonçalves 12°03

tiago agrela disse...

Hi teacher! The video about children who are ignored,was very interesting but at the same time painful to watch , because no one,especially children, should be ignored and judged by their appearance! We must recognize that we are all equal! Thanks!
Tiago Agrela ,12°03

Rodrigo Gomes disse...

Hey teacher!I really enjoyed watching all of videos, especially the video of UNICEF. With videos, I got more interesting about humans rights and puts me more attentive about the situation that we live. Thanks!
Rodrigo Gomes 12º03

Matilde Ferreira disse...

Hi teacher!! I really liked all of the videos, especially the one about child soldiers, it was a really interesting video but It was also really heart breaking to see those childs suffering. We might don`t be aware of all of these awful situations but it`s the truth so we should be more conscious that this kind of things happen
Thank you!!!
Matilde Ferreira 12º02

bernardo disse...

Hello teacher. I have found the exercises very useful as they were aiming to practice for the test. However, some of the exercises were rather hard, much different from the ones we did in class. Excellent to exercise these grey cells, let´s hope for the best.

Best regards,


Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher! The videos you posted were very interesting, especially the one about child soldiers which was one of my favorites. The unbelievable situations that the videos showed made me realise that, most of the times, we take our rights for granted. Therefore, it is extremely important that we become active in the fight against these violations. Also, the grammar exercises were very helpful.

Thank you

Pedro Rodrigues 12º2

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher! I thought these videos were very insteresting as they showed me a reality that we are not used to seeing in front of our eyes, even though its existence is something we are all aware of. An image really is worth a thousand words.

Thank you
Carolina Ferreira 12º14

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher! I really enjoyed all these videos, theu were quite informing. I already saw that trailer as well the film "Taken" related to the Human traficking, which is a deep and
interesting film. The exercises were rather hard, however helpful for our next test.
Thank you very much!

Ana Beatriz 12º14

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher!I really appreciated everything you post here in your blog. Those videos are very interesting, and the exercises about grammar helped me a lot in some questions that I had.
Thank you so much!