domingo, 21 de outubro de 2012

Hello everyone!

Revise for the written and oral tests.

Watch these three videos related to


Let's practice! Here go a few links.

Mixed conditionals
Exercise   1

Inversion in conditionals
Exercise   1   2   3

Inversion of the subject
Exercise    1   2   3

Word formation - suffixes
Exercise   1   2   3

And now watch this last video.

Learning English pronunciation 

Do let me know what you think about ONE of the videos. Please leave a comment!

See you!

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Laura Carvalho 12º5 disse...

Personally I believe the second video clearly depicts just how important of a tool English has become nowadays.

As mentioned, the English language has spread all over the world mainly due to the British colonization during the fifteenth century, to the rise of the US as one the most powerful countries in the world, as well as to its influence and pioneering role in areas such as technological development, international business and politics, science, economy and industry. That is to say, today English is the language of diplomacy, economic relations, the media and the Internet, with its endless sources of information in all areas of knowledge.

That being said, it becomes clear that those aiming for a striving career and a bright future as citizens of a world going through a period of global transition must become familiar with the English language.

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher,

I particularly like the third video because it's amazing realizing that the same language can have so many different accents depending on the country we are, and that's what makes the English type of a certain country unique and distinct from the other types!

Have a nice day, see you next class!

Maria João Carriço, 12º7

Lina Pereira 12º05 disse...

Hi :) I prefer the first video as it shows clearly the main importance of learning English nowadays.

Nice touch by adding that fun video, an excert from the movie "The Pink Panter". By the way, I have that film, would be nice if we could watch it on one of our classes. Think deeply about my suggestion, no pressure... But it would be nice...

Thank you for the useful exercises, hopefully they are going to be a major help to obtain a great mark in the test. The film....don't forget...

Lina Pereira 12º05

Laura Teixeira disse...

Hello teacher! I loved the 3rd video with the different accents. I had no idea there were so many.The russian accent was my favourite, its such a classic =).
By the way I liked Lina's suggestion, its a fun way of learning english so please take that into account,if you may =D .
Laura Texeira 12º5

Lourenço disse...

Hello teacher!!!!!!!!

Just passing by to say that I really like this blog and it is a awesome way to learn more about our second language and to practise for the tests!! Keep up the excellent job!!!

Kisses from Lourenço 12º4 :)

Rúben Abreu disse...

Rúben Abreu 12º 7

Hi teachear! Thanks for this great information that will definetly help me a lot. Oh! by the way, the last video is tremendously funny! Thanks again.

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher,
The third video was a real treat, hearing someone mimic 24 different accents is quite impressive and it made me think about just how rich the English language is.
G'day, no worries, and see ya next lesson :)
Luís Manuel Correia, 12º4

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher!
I just saw the videos you posted. My favourite was the third one. It you very funny and I was amazed by how many English accents the are around the world.

Carolina Correia 12º4

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher!

I really enjoyed both the third and fourth videos.

It blew me away the amount of different accents that I didn't know! Considering it varies depending on the country of origin I came to realise that English is spoken by so many distinct people, cultures and places! It really is amazing the influence that a certain area has towards the way we speak in English. I really adored the Russian and Chinese accents! They were so funny!

Also the last video made me laugh even harder! I think the name of the movie was "Pink Panther". I'm not sure though.

Thank you for the exercises! Hopefully they will help me getting better.

Catarina Campos, 12º4

Anónimo disse...

indian accent, last lesson ahahha
Carla Gonçalves, 12º4

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher i really like your blog as it allow us to have another way of studying!
See you next class and forget the test home!
Francisco Calisto nº13 12º4

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher,

To be honest, I had already seen the third video (the uncensored version ahah) and I was amazed by his talent. Despite the fact that he mixed up the Australian accent with the NZ accent, it's still quite impressive.
The other 2 videos are also extremely interesting and I truly believe you should have introduced the unit with the second video! :)

Janete 12º4

Anónimo disse...

hi teacher! those exercises helped me a lot!thanks! i hope you will keep doing this! nice york!
humberto 12º4

Anónimo disse...

great help teacher :D thank you for the work

Roberto Dantas 12º04

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher, I'm glad you have created this blog, we have the essencial things to the test here.

Raquel Baptista 12º4

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher those exercises are very helpful, awesome work :)
Banganho 12º4

Anónimo disse...

hello teacher ! Great job you have done here , with those exercises i will certainly learn more about english and practice for the test . :)

cândida Rocha 12º4

Anónimo disse...

Beatriz Sousa 12º4

Teacher, congrats! This blog is amazing,has all we need to improve our english! I really appreciate, thank you for sharing with us!

see you next lesson! :)

Elgar 12º7 disse...

Hi teacher ! I got a nice video that says everything about what we talked in class today.

Here it is, I highly recommend it :)

Anónimo disse...

i like the second video because it really shows how important is english in the world

Marco Fernandes 12º1