quinta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2012

Hi everyone!

Improve your English outside the classroom!

Our topic this month is ...
Respecting human rights

Watch this video...

...and then test your knowledge:

Now watch the following videos . Do leave a comment on ONE of them.

And now ...time for some grammar

Impersonal passive voice
Exercise   1    2    3

Purpose, reason and result clauses
Exercise   1    2

Thank you!
See you next time!

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Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher!

I think this is a good music about love and peace!

Where´s the love - Trevor Hall

Kisses from Lourenço!

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher,

'Blood Diamond' is such a good movie and by far one of the best at describing the horrible scenario that some children in Africa face when their country is at war.
Please be kind to us tomorrow! :)


Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher,

I can´t believe how children are forced to kill! That's not the way to educate them. They don't even realize what they´re doing. Shame on those who dare to destroy their childhood!!!

Catarina, 12º4

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher!

The film 'Blood Diamond' seems to be very interesting because it reports the lives of child soldiers in war, and I think that is a great movie to see in class.

Have a nice day :)

Mariana Pitta, 12º4

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher!
Thank you for the videos and the grammar revision. Blood Diamond is one hell of a film, that's for sure.
See you tomorrow :)

Luís Correia

Luis Freitas disse...

Teacher thanks for all the exercices published. I am commenting in order to make you stop telling me to comment your blog, just kidding.

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher,
I enjoyed the videos, I think that watching "Blood Diamond" in class would be great!
Beatriz Andrade, 12º5

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher!

I think that all the videos show different ways of the Human Rights' violation nowadays. The first video, "Child Soldiers" is extremely shocking because I can't believe that things like these really happen! Children should have a peacefully childhood and not a childhood of war.
Also, thank you for the exercises, they will be very helpful for the test!

See you tomorrow,
Maria João Carriço, 12º7

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher!

Thank you for the videos and the grammar revision. The film "Blood Diamond" it's an excellent movie to describe the horrible scenario that children soldiers in Africa are forced to!

Tiago, 12º5

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher,
Thanks for the exercises. It helped me to study to the test.
See you tomorrow!
João André Luís, 12º11

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher,

The videos you posted are great. They decribe in a catchy way some of the most common violations of the human rights.
Thanks for the exercises, they are very helpful for the test.
See you tomorrow.

Maria Luísa 12º5

Rúben Abreu, 12º7 disse...

Hello teacher! Thanks for sharing these amazing videos related with violation of human rights, a very problematic and controversial topic among the society nowdays! Thanks a lot for the grammar exercises too, they are always usefull! See you tomorrow and don´t forget to choose a good film for wdnesday :P

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher!

Unfortunately, everything that happens in the film "Blood Diamond", it's still a reality. Thanks for the exercises!

Inês Quintal 12º5

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher

great videos and music!

Oleksandra, 12º11

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher! I just got home and looks like that I have a lot to study for tomorrow!! ahah

Isabel 12º7

André Rodrigues disse...

Awesome quiz about human rights, helped alot !

André Rodrigues 12º11

Lina 12º5 disse...

Hi! Thank you for posting the useful exercises as always. Really inspiring and shocking videos, they make us wake up from our narrow reality and make us see that there are cruelty around the world and it is on our hands to change it.
See you tomorrow! Peace and love