quinta-feira, 13 de março de 2014

Hello to all of you!

This month our topic is Building a democratic Europe

Let´s start by having a look at these videos about ...

The boy in the striped pyjamas
The pianist
Schindler´s list

The last flower  -  an anti-war short story, published shortly after WW2 began.

Now watch these videos about....

A brief history  of the European Union
The EU explained

Please feel free to leave some interesting comments related to the videos.

Time to check your grammar

The use of prefixes
Exercise    1         2          3             4             5

Verbs plus prepositions
Exercise      1       2

That´s all for now.

12 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

I already saw "The boy in the striped pyjamas" and "Schindler´s List". But the videos about "The Pianist" and "The Last Flower" were very interesting.
I also appreciate learning more about the European Union history.
Thanks for the grammar exercises, they will be very helpful fot the test!

Keep up with the good work teacher! :)

Érica 12º9

Anónimo disse...

A brief history of european union, is mu favourite vídeo becausa explain how europe, where we live, was created and in my opinion Thaís is very interesting.
Luis 12 14

Anónimo disse...


I appreciate the vídeos! They will be quite helpful both for the oral test as for the written test.
Also thank you for the grammar exercises!

See you tommorrow!!

Disns Silva 12º09

Beatriz Silva disse...

I've seen the movie "The Pianist" and it was very sad. It help us understanding how many things have happened in the past. I am very curious to see the movie "the boy in the striped pajamas".
Thank you for helping me teacher and for the exercises!! :)

Beatriz Silva, 12º9

Anónimo disse...

Thank you for the exercises, they really helped me understand things a little bit better!
The videos were very useful as well. They summarize one hour of hard study in about 4/5minutes.
See you tomorrow!

Filipe Gouveia 12º09

Anónimo disse...

Hi Teacher,

I just saw all the videos and they were very informative and interesting!
"The boy in the striped Pajamas" is truly a remarkable film, the end of the story made me feel heartbroken and melancholic. :(
I really appreciate the grammar exercises, It will surely help me during the written test!

Bye Bye ^^
Cláudia Silva 12º9

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher!
Thank you for the videos with brief explanations on the European Union and it's history, they will be quite an asset for the written test. I had never seen "The Last Flower" movie though, it seems interesting.
Also, thank you for the exercises on the blog.
Nice job and see you later :)

Danilo 12º09

Anónimo disse...

hey there teacher! Here i am, commenting your blog. I have to admit that the videos were really interesting but a bit long. Even so, thank you for remembering us.

Carlota Mendonça 12º9

Anónimo disse...

I enjoyed the EU videos very much, especially "The EU explained" because it was rather funny and, at the same time, explanatory of some of the asterisks, conditions and relationships within the EU laws and regulations! Great choice!

I must add that the grammar exercises were very useful. :)

See you tomorrow,

Diogo Pereira 12/9

Anónimo disse...

I have already seen "the boy in the striped pyjamas" but the book was better, in my opinion. I liked how the story was told from an innocent child's perspective.
Thank you for the grammar exercises teacher, they sure helped a lot. :)
Letícia 12º14

Rodrigo Neves disse...

Really enjoyed the last video of "The EU explained".
A pretty well done, simple, quick and funny explanation of something not even close to just plain simple.
It truly is as he says "filled with asterisks".

Thanks for the help!

Rodrigo Neves 12º14

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher! Can you check your email? Please!
See you tomorrow.

Rodrigo & Mariana Sousa (12º1).