terça-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2014

Welcome back!

Today we will revise two topics:

These three men took action to ensure the promotion and protection of human rights. 
Let´s learn more about them. Watch these YouTube videos:

Nelson Mandela showed us "what is possible".
This is a song that pays tribute to Nelson Mandela:

People around the globe are more connected to each other than ever before.
Watch these videos:

Phrasal verbs exercises:

Gerund or infinitive?
Exercise    1     2     3

Please leave a comment on one of the videos!
Thank you! J

27 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

The music from Mandela OST is very beautiful!

Érica 12º9

Anónimo disse...

i like the video that pays tribute to nelson mandela very good

Marco 12º1

Anónimo disse...

Awesome music teacher! You should play it during our lessons!

João Velosa 12º1

Anónimo disse...

The video about globalization will be very useful for the test! thank you teacher!

Carlota 12º1

Anónimo disse...

all videos were very helpful and can help a lot in the test

Marco 12º14

Anónimo disse...

Worker bees can leave. Even drones can fly away. The Queen is their slave.

Anónimo disse...

I liked the video that tributes to Martin Luther King Jr. This one teach me so much more because of the details and dates that had in it. It was a full biography which I hope that would help me in my essay. Keep up the good job with the blog, teacher.
Estefânia Ferreira. 12º 3.

Beatriz Silva disse...

Loved the globalization videos but still think that globalization have more pros than cons!!

Beatriz Silva, 12º9

Beatriz Silva disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Anónimo disse...

The phrasal verbs exercises were very helpful. Thank you!

Luís Jasmins, 12º14

André Santo disse...

Great video teacher, it appeals to the effort that Mandela had to defend our rights!

André 12º 14

Rodrigo Neves disse...

Really liked the Gandhi video. It so surreal the way that one man doing "nothing" was capable of so much.

Rodrigo Neves 12º14

Anónimo disse...

I like it very much(just kidding)!
The lyrics from Mandela video are very touchy, nice music above all!
keep up with the good work :)

Carlos André 12º3

Anónimo disse...

Nice videos.
I like Gandhi's message in the pictures.
Awfully reminds me of "Man in the Mirror" from Michael Jackson.
And finally some hard info on MLK Jr.

Guilherme Correia 12º3

Carlota CTeles disse...

I really loved the videos about Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela. I think it would be useful and interesting to watch the "Long walk to freedom" in class. It seems to me that is a very touching and educational movie.
Thank you!

Carlota Teles, 12º14

Diogo Góis disse...

Thank you for the very interesting videos about the three freedom fighters and the phrasal verbs exercises!

Diogo Góis, 12°14

Anónimo disse...

Doing the grammar exercises in the computer is a great way to practice. I think that this is something that should be brought up to every student and subject.

Macedo 12º14

Anónimo disse...

Thank you for the exercises on phrasal verbs teacher, they were very helpful. As for the videos, I really admire Nelson Mandela for working towards the peaceful termination of the apartheid regime. He held a conviction that "inclusivity, accountability and freedom of speech" were the fundamentals of democracy, and was driven by a belief in natural and human rights.

Letícia 12º14

Anónimo disse...

Hi Teacher ^^

I just watched all the videos and
Wow! The U2, Ordinary Love lyric video is really expressive and meaningful, the animated text effects and visual conceits shows how humanist the song is. Without a doubt it portrays Nelson Mandela humanistic side, as he was one of the greatest humanists of our time.

Oh.. and thank you for the grammar exercises, it's a great way to practice for tomorrow test. :)

Cláudia Silva 12º9

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher! :D

Thank you for the vídeos on the freedom fighters and globalisation, they were quite informative and very helpful, especially MLK's vídeo.
I also apreciate the grammar exercises, it was great to practice.
Just to finish I would like to say I really love that song from Mandela's OST, it's fantastic!!!
See you tomorrow!!

Diana Silva 12º09

Anónimo disse...

Thank you for the phrasal verbs' exercises. It helps a lot even though it's still hard to do it all correct.
About the videos, I have to say: nice! They really made me think!
See ya tomorrow, teacher.

Filipe Gouveia 12º09

Anónimo disse...

Ghadi and MLK are my heroes so i really liked those videos! Thank you teacher!

Francisco Perestrelo 12'1

Anónimo disse...

All the videos are very good, so are the musics.
Joaquim Vilas Boas 12º1

Anónimo disse...

Another amaizing post, i think the best video was the one of the biography of Martin Luther King Jr. It was very interesting.

Thank you for the great information.

Carlota Mendonça 12º09

Danilo disse...

Hello teacher! Thanks for posting the videos as a further preparation for the test. The M.L.K Jr. video was quite nice in referring the dates and details.
Good job once again :)
Danilo Ornelas 12º09

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher! I didn't know that song was dedicated to Mandela! I quite like it, so thank you for sharing! Thanks for the grammar exercises, they were helpful. Se you tomorrow!

Diogo Pereira, 12º/9

Anónimo disse...

Hi Teacher :)

I enjoy the music from U2 that glorifies Mandela.

I recomend this song from U2 , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co6WMzDOh1o !!!!!!

Leonardo 12º1