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Welcome to EnglishNet, the EFL blog for Jaime Moniz students.

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This is a place where you have the opportunity to learn, practise and improve your English in a different way.
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Our first topic is: English worldwide

1. Let's start by watching these three videos related to

2 -Watch the following YouTube links.

3 - And finally

These exercises online allow you to get more practice!

The genitive           Ex.    1       2        

Impersonal passive voice      Ex.   1     2      

That's all for now.

I hope you enjoy and get the most of this blog! 

Thank you! J

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Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher, these videos you posted are all very good, as some of them have pretty interesting information about English as a global language, others that show us how important is to have a lingua franca and also the variety of Englishes in the world. It was very surprising to find out that U.K takes a profit of 10 billion euros per year for the dominance of the English language.

Patrícia Sousa 12º1

Anónimo disse...

Hello, Teacher! Thank you for the videos. They were quite interesting and are certainly helpful. Learned even more about english as a global language and about the different accents..

Ana Vitória 12º1

Sara Freitas disse...
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Sara Freitas disse...

Hello teacher! I liked all the videos and they were all very useful. But the video that I liked the most was the one that the old man was trying to learn the English accent. Thanks

Sara Freitas 12○1

Bernardo disse...

Hello, Thanks for the material to study

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher
I liked the videos and I found them useful. The one I think is more interesting is the one about the different accents. Thank you
Carlota Silva 1201

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher!
Great exercises, they are as great as they are helpful!

Miguel Marcelo 12º13

Anónimo disse...

Thank you teacher for those videos, quite curious and useful information! Also very good exercises to practise my grammar, they were valuable.

Maria Campos 12º01

Diego Sousa disse...

Hi teacher! Thank you for the all information, it was really helpful !