quinta-feira, 7 de maio de 2015

Hello all,

Today our topic is:

1950s-1990s:art,culture and society

1 -This time I´d like to start by sharing with you a great video which tells us:

Our story in two minutes

2- And now let´s head back a few decades.

Watch these documentaries.

Please feel free to leave a comment on one of the videos.

3- Improve your 

The subjunctive

Exercise    1       2       3       4      

Impersonal pronouns

Exercise   1

That´s all.


10 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

I like how the video about our story starts and ends with stars :)

Anónimo disse...

Oh sorry teacher, it's Carolina 12º7

Anónimo disse...

HI teacher ! The first video ("Our story in 2 minutes") is so great ! In 2 minutes is representated so many important things, history that no one should ever forget. Thank you for put it here. It was very interesting !

- Isabel Camacho 12º8

Anónimo disse...

I really liked the documentaries, they were not very long and the essential about each decade was there.

Mónica Jorge 12º10

Anónimo disse...

I enjoyed watching every documentary, they are really helping me study for the test! Also the grammar exercises are essential because i find the subjunctive a bit strange and it just never sounds right!

Maria Oliveira 12°8

Anónimo disse...

Ahoyyy teacher!
As we all did, for sure, I really liked the first video about our story!
But I seriously appreciated the 70's. The "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack is so addicting, especially in the very beginning of video!

"Computer Revolution", "Star Wars", "Earth Day" and "Energy Crisis" obviously are themes to give a special attention.

Rodrigo Gomes de Sá - 12°10

Jaime Moniz disse...

I loved the videos showing the society's evolution since 1950 untill 1990! They were really enlightning!
Teresa Silva 12º02

Anónimo disse...

The documentaries were very interesting and helped me to study for the test.

João Saldanha 12º8

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher! I really enjoyed the videos, especially the first one about our story. I also felt like the music from the documentaries caught our attention. The grammar exercises were also very helpful!

Catarina Gouveia 12º08

Anónimo disse...

I particularly enjoyed the video about the 50's, mostly thanks to King Elvis! Maybe it would be a nice ambient music for test eheh

Maria Veiga França 12º8