quarta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2015

Welcome back!

1 – These three famous freedom fighters have made a difference and changed the world.
They are prominent examples of how freedom and justice can be won through non-violent actions.

Have a look at these videos and learn more about them.


However there is still a long way to go...

2 – As you know, globalization is a process by which the world is becoming more and more interconnected as a result of an increased trade and cultural exchange. People around the globe are more connected than ever before.

Watch these videos. 

3-  These exercises online will help you to get more practice.

Phrasal verbs


mixed phrasal verbs                     

Gerund or infinitive?
Exercise     1             2                3                  4

That's all for now.

Thank you!J

6 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Hi, teacher. I loved the fact that you hear Blak Eyed Peas songs. I love the group and that song might be the first that I heard from them. I love the lyrics, they have such a strong meaning/message. And it is true. We all have a long way to go to achive peace, harmony and equality.

-Isabel Camacho

Anónimo disse...

i love that song! one of my favorites for sure. the lyrics have such a strong message! it's really hard for me to understand why is it so hard to have a world with no violence and no judging.
we do have a long journey ahead of us... and a hard one.
Beatriz Ferreira 12*10

Jaime Moniz disse...

Hi teacher! I found the video about the pros and cons of globalisation very enlightening! It was a huge help!
Teresa Silva 12º2

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher.

I carefully watched both of the videos and thought the two of them perfectly described what it really means to live in a "worldwide village" such as the one we live in right now.

Martim Carvalho 12º02

M.J. disse...

I really like that Black Eyed Peas song! Funny that I never listened carefully to it and just now I realised the message behind the song.

Good choice!

Mónica Jorge 12º10

Anónimo disse...

The Black Eyed Peas used a great way to spread awareness about discrimination, poverty, terrorism and hatred that is common around the world. It's with great sadness that we all practice these attitudes on a daily basis so I hope that from now on, we can take in account that we are actually very lucky to have been born in such a "wealthy" country where we can benefit from health care and specially freedom. I actually just remembered another great song from this theme and I hope my fellow classmates have the curiosity to go and check it out.
"Daughtry-What about now"

Raquel Faria 12º30