terça-feira, 18 de novembro de 2014


Our topic this month is ..

As you know, in 1948 the United Nations wrote The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that established international standards about the rights and freedoms everyone is entitled to.

Watch this video clip from YouTube: 

However, human rights violations still occur around the world.

 Each of the following videos portrays a violation of human rights.
Remember to leave a comment on one of them.

The challenge for us all is to fulfill the promise of the UDHR.

And now ...time for some 

grammar exercises

Impersonal passive voice
Exercise   1    2    3     4     5

Thank you!

See you next time!

11 comentários:

Rodrigo Gomes de Sá disse...

Hi teacher!
I already saw the youtube videos that you posted and I really enjoyed the second one which talks about the child labour.
It's so incredible and also sad to see how children with no education are so naive, as the video shows which the boy innocently puts the paper upside down.
Unfortunately, cases like this still exist nowadays, in the world.

Rita Gonçalves disse...

The video about child soldiers was the one that really shocked me. It's sad that many children nowadays, especially in these developing countries, are forced to become "war machines" without having a proper childhood.

-Rita Gonçalves 12º2

Tiago Castro disse...

I saw the video about child soldiers. It's so sad to see children getting so mistreated, seeing them with guns, bruise, sad faces, they should be with smiley faces, books and filled with joy, this topic gets me really sad and shocked

Tiago Lopes 12º7

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher, I have already seen "Taken" and, in my opinion, these is no better movie to describe the Human Trafficking than "Taken"! It really shows us that in 21st century, There are still evil people who, for their own benefit, mistreat other.
This blog is a great help to study!

Francisca Neri, 12.8

Anónimo disse...

I just loved that phrase "We are all brothers and sisters of this world" on the first video.

- Isabel Camacho

Anónimo disse...

Hello! I have watched all videos and the most impressive was the one about child soldiers. I really liked "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights" video, even though people sometimes take advantages of those rights. I also want to say that
regardless of we have the right to take part in our country's political affairs their most likely to pay attention to an adult than to a teenager or even a child. I also suggest for you to see the movie "Enough" it's about violence against women and one of the roles is played by Jennifer Lopez.
Filipa Pita 12º08

Anónimo disse...

All the videos were very realistic and catchy but for me the most impressive was the one of the child soldiers, when the child,while blended,was forced to kill a man.
Mariana Aguiar 12º8

Laura disse...

Well I really have to say the video about child labour really shows that sometimes life isn’t fare and in that child life he had to sacrifice school in order to give food to her sister. which is very sad..

Laura Silva 12º8

Jaime Moniz disse...

The Child soldier video was really intense!!Actually it was shocking! The reaction of the boy when he realised he had murdered a man...
Excellent video,so touching!
Teresa Silva 12º2

Paulo Rocha 12 10 disse...

The video regarding the child soldiers was the most shocking by far. Taken, a Liam Nesson action movie, is inspired by a message of how present trafficking is in our countries.
One more thing, I must thank you for making me listen to a version of one of the best songs ever made Imagine!

Paulo Rocha 12 10

Anónimo disse...

i really liked the taken trailer. when the man said "it's nothing personal, just business" he made me realize whats wrong with our society. Our thoughts and believes are all wrong. we need to focus on whats really important in life and accept the fact that we're all the same, we're all equal.
Beatriz Ferreira, 12º10