segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2011

MODULE 1 - The world around us

Make sure you prepare for the oral and written tests!

Watch these videos and leave a comment on one of them!

Set 2 - Making a difference
Being a volunteer

Why volunteer?

Alternative lifestyles

Why go vegetarian?

Please do some GRAMMAR exercises!

unless or if ? Exercise 1 2

1st or 2nd conditional? Exercise 1 2 3

although or in spite of? Exercise 1 2 3 4

Thank you! See you next time!

11 comentários:

Clara 11º4 disse...

Very interesting and eye opening, the video about the animals that we eat and pet! Clara

Beatriz Azevedo 11º5 disse...

Hello teacher!
I have a question about the oral presentation.Everyone need to be prepared on Monday or just those whose presentation was marked for Monday?

EnglishNet disse...

Hello Beatriz,
Yes, everyone needs to be prepared for the oral test tomorrow!
And I still hope more people leave a comment on one of the videos!
See you tomorrow.

Your teacher of English

Guilherme Faria 11º9 disse...

The about veganism will be very helpful for my oral presentation!! Thank you for sharing with us!

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher,
The second video shows perfectly why people should go vegan or vegetarian, it is a really nice and touching video!

Have a nice day :)

Maria João Carriço (11º5)

Sofia Encarnação (11º5) disse...

Hello teacher!
I saw the first video about volunteers and I have to say that the essential of this work it's without questions the smiles and hapiness of the people that we are helping. I was a volunteer of ADRA, and I think that the big answer that we can receive from this people that don't have too much, it's the smile, because the smile they have!
A smile can change all.
Have a nice day teacher

Cristina; Beatriz Freitas; Beatriz Azevedo; Carolina Gouveia; Laura Carvalho 11º5 disse...

Good evening!
Could you please tell us what will come in the test on Monday?
Thank you for you attention and we hope you enjoy the rest of your night.

EnglishNet disse...

Hello girls,
In my last post , I wrote "Make sure you prepare for the oral and written tests." So, there you go...
With the grammar practice tests, you can improve your skills, receive instant scores and performance feedback.
And don't forget to watch the videos! They'll be helpful too!

See you on Monday!

Your teacher of English

Beatriz Azevedo 11º5 disse...

So...The themes for the test are Volunteering and Vegetarianism?
Thank you for your attention.
Good night

Sara Ferreira 11º9 disse...

Hi teacher! i didn't like to much the first exercise with connectors because on it,when we have to choose in spite of, the word "of" is already in the sentence and consequently we know what word we should choose.
however, all the other exercises are good to practise for the written test.

Sara Gomes 11º4 disse...

Hello teacher!
Those videos absolutely caught my atention.
See you tomorrow