terça-feira, 25 de outubro de 2011

Unit 1 - OUR WORLD

Hello students!
How much do you know about environmental problems?
Click on this quiz and find out!

Watch this video.
Please remember to leave a comment on it!

Vocabulary time!
Click on this environment hangman game

Grammar time!

These exercises allow you to get more practice.

Reported speech

Mixed reported speech
Exercise 1 2 3 4 5

Connectors of addition/ contrast/ cause-result
Exercise 1 2 3

Thank you!
See you next time!

10 comentários:

Vítor Encarnação disse...

Very very helpful, thank you for all the good work teacher.

Beatriz Azevedo(11º5) disse...

This video really shows how the humankind is destroying his single house,the Planet Earth.Is a touching video...

Beatriz Freitas disse...

I think, this video shows that the humankind destroys by greed and as a result the animals and humans suffer the consequences of this destruction.

Cristina Drumond 11º5 disse...

It is a very popular video clip as well as the music, very touching and sad. Earth song is one of the singles of Michael Jackson album called HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I. All of the song themes in that album are about environmental awareness, isolation, greed, and injustice which are the causes of the chaos shown in the video. I just hope that someday we awake and realize we must stop this madness and actually do something not only to save animals and the ecosystems but also to save ourselves before it’s too late.

Guilherme Faria 11º9 disse...

Hi teacher, the video is very helpful for us because it reflects the reality, that is, what we did to the environment! Thank you for you exercices! They were very useful!

HMGF disse...

"Be the change you want to see in the world" Gandhi

Helena 11º2

Ângela Pinto disse...

It is shocking how man has been destroying the planet. This video show the selfishness of man, urgent solutions are necessary.

Clara Ramos, 11º4 disse...

Very useful exercises to practise for the test, thank you teacher

Carolina Gouveia 11º5 disse...

thank you teacher for all exercises, they were very helpful for test.

Carina Luísa 11º4 disse...

The blog is very nice and the exercises were very helpful.
Thank you teacher!