quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2010

Practise your grammar online

Although or in spite of?
Exercises 1 2 3

If or unless?
Exercises 1 2 3

1st or 2nd Conditional?
Exercises 1 2

Reporting verbs
Exercises 1 2 3

9 comentários:

Natacha 11º8 disse...

Thanks for the exercises you posted teacher :D It's more fun to study by this way (a)

Natacha 11º8 disse...

* it's funnier

Diogo 11º6 disse...

Well done exercises, I liked it =)

Margarida Isabel disse...

Thanks for the exercises!
I haven't done them all yet, but for what I've seen they're pretty good to practice our grammar skills

Duarte 11º6 disse...

Good exercises to practise our grammar skills! ;) It´s easier and funnier to study by this way.

João Pedro Freitas 11º6 disse...

Thanks for the exercises. It's good to practice before the test. I hope to have a good mark!

Glória 11º8 disse...

Good exercises! They helped me a lot and I have less doubts! :)

Simone 11º8 disse...

it is easier study by this way. these exercises will help us a lot for the test. thanks :)*

Hannah Montana disse...

Music makes the people come together. <3