quarta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2010

Task 4 - Team work will follow in Titanpad
class 6
class 8
class 10
class 14

Enjoy your writing!
Thank you.

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Diogo Martins disse...

Working already on class 6

Mariana Ornelas disse...

I found this activity really interesting!
Writing in titanpad was a very enriching way of working together, although I haven't writen too much, because when I arrived there, the essay was already finished! (ups.. :D)
I hope that we continue doing things like that; it was a nice project!
Kiss kiss teachiee! ^^

Inês Baeta disse...

Hello Teacher!!
I think that this initiative is very interesting. Do a blog for the students is very heplfull to us. This log hep me vey much for the teste by doing the exercices out in here.
Thank you a lot for this opportunity teacher Isabel.
See you next lesson
Inês 11º6

PS. I participate in titanpad :D

Inês Baeta disse...

Hello again!!
I'm sorry for the mistakes, that I make on the last post.

hepfull = helpful
hep = help
vey = very
teste = test
out = put

I´m so sorry, but sometimes my computer "eat words" and I hadn't notice.

Jessica Martins disse...

Thanx for making the Titanpad activity. It was pretty fun to do. I had loads of fun chatting with the other ppl who joined in. It was like a "private" msn just for our class =D

I've never seen a teacher put so much effort into her classes =) I appriciate all the hard work you put into your lessons and hope you continue thinking of better ways to make the lessons more fun for all.

Now that that's said, I'll see you on wednesday unless you choose to go on strike...