quarta-feira, 13 de março de 2019

Hello students!

Here we are again!

1 - Our topic is  

Watch these YouTube links.

The evolution of work

How the world of work is changing

Career ready

And now let´s have some  

Watch these job interviews.

A Millennial Job Interview

 2 - Click on the links below 
to improve your 

Purpose clauses

Exercise       1       2        3        

Reported speech

Exercise     1      2      3        
 Exercise      1          2   
  Exercise      1       2

Passive sentences with two objects

Exercise      1      2        3          4

Thank you! J

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See you next time!

3 comentários:

Diogo disse...

Really helpful, easy to use and perfect to check if we have difficulties in grammar.

Nuno disse...

A lot of exercises that are helpful to prepare the students for a test. Organized and useful.

Unknown disse...

The last video is really funny. The exercises help a lot