quinta-feira, 9 de maio de 2019

Hi all,

Our last topic  is


1. Think of a suitable caption for the picture above. Write it on your comment.

2. Take a look at the following videos and leave a meaningful comment on one of them.

We are all the same  

Heal the world 

3. Time for

Reporting speech and behaviour

Exercise    1       2        3         4

Conditional sentences

Exercise     1      2       3         4

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Diogo disse...

I am very grateful for the service that the blog provides once that helps me to take questions and consolidate topics for the test and I hope this blog continue to exist and help people like me understand better the language and speak a better English.

Nuno disse...

Excellent work with the website.
Very easy to find what I need for my study and it makes sure I understand what I did wrong in order to correct it. I find this absolutely necessary in my study and I really apreciate it, thank you.

Ana disse...

I liked more the video titled "All that we share" because it shows that sometimes, although our appearances can create false expectations, we all, in spite of te differences we may have, have things in common and shared feelings and even sometimes we have gone through similar situations. This teaches us that despite having different cultures, religions oror rac, we are the same, we are in the same world and everyone of us is an important part of it.

Ana disse...

Ana Gonçalves 11°09