sexta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2019

Hello all,

Welcome back

1 - Our topic this month is:

This time I´d like to share  these videos with you:

Please feel free to post your opinion on one of the videos.

2 - And now ... 

Improve your English online

Conditional Type 1

Exercise    1       2         3       

Conditional Type 2

Exercise     1      2         3     

Conditional Types 1 and 2

Exercise     1       2         3

Verbs with prepositions

Exercise     1        2         3

Adjectives with prepositions

Exercise     1         2         3 

Gerunds or infinitives   

Exercise     1          2          3

That´s all for now.
Thank you

5 comentários:

Luis Gonçalves disse...

All the exercises are very good and useful to study, thanks for the information (class 11°9)

Unknown disse...

Thank you for the exercises! They helped a lot. (Classe 11°8)

Anónimo disse...

Thank you for the exercises. I found them very intuitive and practical. No doubt that they helped me to prepare for the test. (class 11º08)

analia faria disse...

I liked all the exercises and videos. they helped me study for the test ( student nº 02. Class 11º09)

Unknown disse...

I think that the exercises and the videos were very helpful to me, and it was a good way to revise the classes(student n° 21, class 11°09)