terça-feira, 16 de maio de 2017

 Hello to all of you.

Our topic this month is:

1 - To start with, let´s take a look at this video which tells us:

2 - And now let´s go back a few decades.

Watch these videos:

Please feel free to post your opinion on one of the videos.

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Impersonal pronouns
Exercise     1

The subjunctive
Exercise      1      2      3       

Thank you! J

9 comentários:

Cláudia disse...

Thank you so much for the videos!
They helped me improve my knowledge, in terms of the history and culture of those decades and their society.
I personally would have loved to live in the 70's, due to the society's demand for better and equal rights, and, of course, because of the music!

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher!
Thank you for the exercises posted, they were extremely helpful! Furthermore, the videos were an easy way to sum up everything you've been teaching us in our classes about each decade.
-Matilde Fernandes, 12º11

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher, thank you for the exercises and the videos!! They were a big help for the test! Hope everything goes well tomorrow!
Isabel Fernandes 12º11

Anónimo disse...

Hey teacher, thanks for the exercises, they were very helpful as always!And the videos were a good way to remind me of the most important things of each decade

Margarida Palermo, 12º11

Júlia Baptista disse...

Hello teacher, thank you a lot for the exercises and the videos you posted here during the whole year. They were very helpful. Congrats for your brilliant idea.

Júlia Baptista, 12•11

Marina Moniz disse...

Thank you teacher for the videos and excercises!! I'm sure they will be useful in the test. Also, this blog was such an amazing way you created to reach us all during each term and each topic. THANKS A LOT!!

Marina Nunes 12º10

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher
I would like to say thank you for your support, also I'm very gratefull for all the exercises that you posted for us during our school year.
Keep up with this great work

Margarida Lourenço 12º11

Leonor Rebolo disse...

Hi teacher, this blog is truly useful and I hope you keep it so future students can practice their grammar and learn more as I did! Thanks for all

Leonor Rebolo 12º11

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher!! Thank you for the content for the test, it was very usefull! I would like to say that this blog is a great way for us to have a little extra knowlegde, and a great way to help students! Thank you for helping us troughout the school year! Ana Rosalino 12º11