segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2016

Hello once again.

This month we have two topics to revise.

1-The first one is                  

Globalisation has been taking place for hundreds of years, but has speeded up enormously over the last half-century.
However, there is a growing debate over its positive and negative effects.

These videos show some arguments from both sides:

2-Our second topic is 
   1950s -1990s - ART, CULTURE AND SOCIETY

To start with, let´s take a look at this video which tells us:

And now let´s head back a few decades. Watch these:

Please feel free to comment on one of the videos.

3-Improve your GRAMMAR
Connectors of contrast
Exercise    1       2        3         

The subjunctive
Exercise   1        2        3        4

Impersonal pronouns

Exercise    1

That´s all!


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carolina xavier disse...

Hi once again teacher !! I just wanted to say that the videos that you posted are really helpful as they contain briefly what we need to know about each decade !! thank you !

Anónimo disse...

Hi once again teacher! I just wanted to thank you for posting this amazing content, it will be really helpful for the test! wish me luck :)
-Roberto Oliveira 12º11

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher!

Thanks for the grammar exercises, they have proven to be very helpful. I struggled on some exercises but hopefully I'll get them all right on tomorrow's test!

See you tomorrow then.

Ricardo Pereira

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher!
Thank you for the videos, they were very helpful and interesting. The grammar exercises were also helpful.
Thank you once again.

Francisco Jorge 12º11

Pedro Peres disse...

Thank you teacher, the videos and exercises were really helpful

Pedro Peres 12º11

Anónimo disse...

Hello teacher, thank you , the videos are very interesting and your choice was smart because it summarizes the lessons clearly.

Margarida Silva, 12º30

Anónimo disse...

Hi teacher!
Thanks again for these videos, the first video that sumps up our history it's really well made, however, it is sad to see how our world has been involved in so many wars thoughout the years. The other videos of the different decades were also very educative as they show the top 10 events of each decade.
Good grammar exercises.
Patrícia Sousa 12º1

Anónimo disse...

Hello,teacher, the videos and exercises were really helpful, thank you!
Mónica Henriques 12°13