quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2011

Hello everyone!

A. Time to test your grammar
and vocabulary skills!

Gerunds and infinitives
Exercise 1 2 3 4 5 6

Future perfect and future continuous
Exercise 1 2 3 4

Indirect questions
Exercise 1 2 3

Countries of the world

B. Now you can practise your reading and writing skills!
After watching the following videos leave a comment on two of them.

Stop discrimination
We're all the same on the inside
Stand up speak up

Celebrate diversity
Differences are essential
Share our similarities, celebrate our differences

Our thanks to Clésia who suggested we watched this video!

Hope you all enjoyed doing these activities. See you!

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Jessica Martins 11º10 disse...


Loved the song that Clésia recommended for the blog. Great lyrics.

Thx for posting.


Mónica Nunes 11º10 disse...

Hello teacher!

Thank you for the exercises. They are a great way to study for the written test.

See you tomorrow!

Luís Baptista v.s. Bárbara Valentina 11º08 disse...

Hey teacher! We're here exercising with your new exercices on the blog, and we're really having fun, but the fact is that we're learning a lot, and Bárbara expects to have a positive on the test, at least she kills herself. Thanks teacher!! :D

Henrique 11º8 disse...

normaly i dont comment the blog, but today its special. xD

well the video of football players its very informative, the are in europe the idols of many people so easy pass the mensage of No to Racism!


Elgar and Joao Paulo disse...

We liked these exercises, was a fun way to learn, and of course a way to "run" from that boring classroom.
Lets give everyone good luck for the test !

We liked the video about the soccer players "abuses". Since everyone adore them, its a fast way to call people's atentions !

Nice work teacher, thanks !

See you next week :D


ps: Bye bye by joao paulo.

Marisa, Mariana e Glória 11º 8 disse...

The blog is very funny.
We have been watching the videos concerning racism and discrimination and we have found those pretty interesting.
These videos help us not only in terms of english but as well in our daily lives, because they help us understand how serious this problem is and how it should be stopped.
Marisa is hoping to get a positive mark on this test, otherwise she will die a painful death.JK.
Bye bye, see you next week and we hope you make an easy test. (:

Francisco e Miguel 11º8 disse...

Hey teacher!
We loved the videos, its good to see everybody in harmony, without fights and war!
We shouldn't discriminate others.
And we loved the exercises for the test!

Bye teacher :D

Bárbara Valentina and Luís Baptista disse...

Hey teacher, we're here again to coment that we enjoyed a lot the video about the diferences between races and options, we think each one of us has to change the world, step by step, if we want to live in a better place. Cheers

rubina e carina 11º8 disse...

hey teacher...
we already listen to all videos and we really liked the last one even though others are great too, but that last one we think has much meaning then the others because it mentions the fact that we have to be models for our kids and dont understand why people cant threat everone has the same so somehow they are being the models for us

thats our opinion

natacha, ana, simone e catarina 11.8 disse...

Wow great videos teacher, there's a lot to say about them, but we're pretty sure that the first one was the most interesting. In our opinion, We all need to stop saying beautiful things and start acting against the discrimination and racism! We all need to be a little Martin Luther King and see other people (different or not) like if we were all equal... Like teacher said... different but alike!

Bernardo e Carlos disse...


We loved all videos , but our favorite is the first one with the sticky figurines.

We think that discrimination should be outcasted and every one should be equal and should have the same rights.

Filipe e Luís 11.14 disse...

We had really enjoyed the nike video. It demonstrates that even famous people, soccer players get descriminated because of their color. We think this type of racism will come to an end really soon because the world is getting as one.

Oscar e António 11º 14 disse...


The vídeo we choosed was "Stand up, Speak up" because the football players like Thierry Henry, Ronaldinho and Ferdinand icentivate the fans to fight the racism.

Thanks for the exercises!

Sérgio e Rodrigo - 11º14 disse...

Hey teacher,

we enjoyed practising on your blog :). We prefer to study by the internet and we also liked the videos about the racism.

David Mendes e João Silva 11º14 disse...

Hey teacher.
We like all the videos, but the fist was the bether.
" it doesn´t matter who we are, because in the end, we´re all the same on the inside ".
It´s a beatiful message to all the people and we shloud learn about it and say NO TO THE DISCRIMINATION.

Alexandra and Sara Nunes 11º6 disse...

Hey teacher!
Thanks for the opportunity to see these videos. We enjoyed them very much.
The combination between the sound and the pictures makes the message more appealling and dramatic, which is very important to call people's attention for this delicate issue.

Bye :)

Margarida Faria and Mariana Ornelas 11º6 disse...

Hi Teacher! :)

We've seen the videos about Multiculturalism and we have to say they were really touching.

In fact, people tend to disrespect and threaten other people's differences. However, those differences are a fundamental part of our "little" multicultural world!

We all must keep the message reflected on the videos and turn them to our daily life.

Cheers *

Sara Raquel e Patrícia 11º6 disse...

Hey :)
We like all the videos, but we prefer the last one because the music and the pictures pass a very important message "I have a dream...".
We think that descrimination should end because everyone has the same rights to live.
The most important message for us is: "Differences are Essential".

Inês Baeta & João Freitas (11º6) disse...

As John Lennon says in his song "Imagine": "Imagine there's no countries... Imagine all the people living life in peace". Everybody wants a pacific world, but not everyone does something about it. Some of them are racist and don't respect other cultures.
We need to follow the right models. Celebreties like Bono, Madonna, Angelina and Brad want to change people's mind about the others.
Like in the slogan: "Give respect... Get respect!" and the world will be a better place.

Catarina,Francisca and Márcia 11º6 disse...


We loved the first video.
We enjoyed everything from the music to the concept of the video.
We believe that we are all equal and we should treat one another the same way.
Thank you for showing us once more the true reality that our world is still facing nowadays.

A small act can make a big change.
So 3..2..1..Action ;)

See ya

Ana & Isabel 11º6... disse...

Yello teacher,

We thought that the videos were very nice and they reflected well the racism that is very common in our society.
We particulary liked this sentence: " We need your voices to drawn out the racists, wherever you hear them, say NO!

Toodles :)*

Sofia Spínola and Beatriz Câmara 11º6 disse...

"Sometimes we could not bear the face of each other's differences because of what we feared it might say about ourselves."

Among all the videos, which we thought were very well produced, from the music to the images, we we're touched by this particular sentence as it portays the problem of discrimination that should be drown out from our reality. We also loved "Stand up, speak up" and how it gets to us.

Thanks for the videos! Bye bye *

Martinez; Gomez; Ribeira; Vieiron 11º6 disse...

The message presented in these videos compels us to start looking at the world in a diferent way. We should not base our opinions on appearances and social status, but instead we should take into account other aspects such as people's feelings, beliefs, hopes and so on, to develop closer relations with our peers.
In these songs we find lots of quotations that have a huge impact on the mentality of today's society. These influenced a whole generation changing the way they looked at other races, religions, sexual orientations.

tiago e ruben 11º10 disse...

The video that regards diversity has an extremely cativating song which makes young people think twice about racism and promotes diversity. We should accept people for what they are and for what they want to be. Racism should be cut off its roots, starting by influencing young people not to be racist and not to practise racist acts, this way the world becomes a better place

Jessicas =) 11º10 disse...


We are here to comment on the videos you provided for us on your remarkable blog.

You made us think deeply about life in general and we thank you for that.

In our honest opinion, racism should be stopped at all costs! It is incredibly wrong and entirely stupid! Why would we discriminate someone based on the colour of their skin?! It's outrageous!

We should all be treated equally and have the same rights, however people do not put this into practice and this is utterly unacceptable.

We should all try to do our part and try to stop this cruel injustice that is going on in our world!

Thank you for opening our eyes!

We bid you farewell.


Clésia, Filipa and Décio, 11º10 disse...


These exercises are really great, we learnt a lot, well... Décio didn't :P

The videos were interesting, or not (As Décio said x'D)

My video (Clésia) was the *best* because it was the one that stood out in comparison to the others. The singers were from different races and the words used in the music really touched Décio's heart.

Sofia and Teresa, 11º10 disse...

Hi teacher.

We loved all the videos/messages, but the best one in our opinion is "stop discrimination". It doesn't matter how we look and who we are; the important is that on the inside we're all equal. Different colours, different ethnies, cultures, different ways to think and to live, make the world better. People should stop discriminating, the difference in the world is a goodness for everyone.

Marta e Mónica 11º10 disse...

We think that the video "stop discrimination" is a good way to make people see that we are all equal even having different colours or different religions. That is what makes us richer!
It's time for people to start realising that it isn't the colour that matters, what counts is who we are.
All together we can build a multicultural world!

Brenda and Mariana 11º10 disse...

Hi teacher!

We loved watching these videos, especially that one called "stop discrimination".
We think that discrimination is an issue that should have already finished, because we all laugh, we all cry, we all feel pain, we all feel joy, we´re all the same on the inside and in the end what changes only is the colour of our skin, so STOP DISCRIMINATING!

Bye bye :b

Mónica Ferreira, Francisca 11º10 disse...

We prefer the first video because it's simple, but has a strong message!
People shouldn't discriminate others only by looking at their appearance, language or colour and just treat them badly.
We should give more importance to the fact that we are all the same on the inside, our blood is the same, our feelings, our problems are the same, we all feel joy and sadness. So , we should think and act in the same way with everyone, treat everybody equally and stop discriminating others only because they have a different culture and come from another place, or because they are different from what people think is "normal" (if they have a mental or physical disease, have different preferences, etc). It doesn't matter if "You're black, white, beige, lebanese, oriental". (Lady Gaga's song "Born This Way"). In the end, we are all same, so we have to STOP DISCRIMINATING and live happily in a multicultural world!

Manuel Sousa plus Pedro Correia 11º14 disse...

These videos had a deep impact in our hearts and changed our view of life and human beings. The mixture of the pictures and the music that,by the way, was the right one for being sang by an a dark skinned person. The pictures were well chosen, full of colours that mean the diversity in our world. It was really entertaining and meaningful! The creators of the video managed to manipulate people´s feelings and pull their attention to the screen.

Margarida; Carolina 11º14 disse...

Hey, teacher!

As requested, we've seen all the four videos and done most of the exercises.

We have chosen a video about stopping discrimination, "we're all the same on the inside". We couldn't agree more with what is said on this presentation, as it illustrates our society's main handicap: discrimination.

Sadly, this isn't something that has suddendly come up. It has always existed and we can see a great example of it: "Pride and Prejudice", a Jane Austen's book, which has recently been adapted to the cinema. It is a fair example of discrimination, concerning the several levels of society.

The conclusion that we come to is that it doesn't matter whether you are gay or straight, white or yellow, jew or catholic. What in fact matters is each one's personality and our ability to accept others' differences and opinions: "...it's about time we start looking on the inside".

See you tuesday!

Diana Freitas 11º8 disse...

Hey teacher.

I've chosen the "we are all the same on the inside" because of the message that it gives. No matter the outside, we are all human and the same, so we shouldn't judge people for how they look, we should love people by what is on their hearts. And it's great to see that day by day, more people are being aware of this. Maybe, someday and hopefully it's not that far away, discrimination will be history.

Bye (:

Inês 11º6 disse...

Hey teacher.
Once again tanks for the exercises that you post year. It was very helpfull.

See tomorrow on the written test!

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