quinta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2010

Let´s help the environment! Watch this video

(our thanks to Natacha and Elgar who suggested we listened to this song!)

Please remember to leave a comment on the video.

Revising your vocabulary can be fun. Play this hangman game

And now some grammar practice!

Reported Speech
Questions Exercise 1
Requests Exercise 1

Mixed Exercises on Reported Speech

Connectors of addition and contrast Exercise 1
Connectors of cause/result Exercise 1

And that's all for today! See you!

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Francisca Fernandes disse...

I think the video is great because it sensitizes people, specially children in my guess, to follow the 3 R's. It also gives simple ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in our life. This topic is related to what we have been studying in our English lessons because the planet is in danger and it is up to us to save it, and following this 3 R's "behaviour" is a good way to start doing it.
Thanks by posting the video and the exercises.

Wilson Barros disse...

Hi teacher,
In my opinion the music of the video is very funny, encourages children and adults to recycle, reuse and reduce rubbish!
The exercises to practice grammar are well done, it's a way to study for the test! :)

Good work

Clésia disse...

The video is great!

Now I know the "4 R's" (I searched on google). They are: Recycle; Recreate; React and Reuse.

See you tomorrow.

Jessica Martins disse...

Hi =)

Creating this blog was a really good idea. I bet it helps a lot of the students out, especially the ones who have more difficulty when it comes to learning English.

I checked out some of the exercises and watched the video that you posted. The song is pretty catchy plus what better way to learn then through song right ;)

Anyway, great job with the blog and I'll see you on Wednesday.

Catarina Abreu disse...

hi, teacher!
i've done the reported speech exercise and i saw the video!
the lyrics of this video are the same than the michel musso's song.
thanks by posting! :D

Teresa Gouveia disse...

Hi teacher,
I loved watching the video, is really funny and educational !
The 3 R's are very important to our world and for us too. I think that if everybody had done it , today we wouldn't have so many problems in the environment :)

Thanks for posting the video and the exercises *

ruben disse...

Hey teacher, nice blog loved the video!

Carolina Fernandes disse...

Hi teacher.
It's Carolina Fernandes (2009/2010 - 11º10).. I found a video about teens and I think you will love it (unfortunetly there are portuguese subtitles).
Anyway, the link of the video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZidBmzFFSyk :) check it out, I think you will appreciate.
I miss your class!!

João Vieira disse...

I believe this song focuses on a very important issue nowadays, which is what to do with our waste or even with our old clothes, etc. If we all did one of the R´s mentioned in the song i am certain there wouldn´t be so many waste disposal problems which would consequestly result in a less polluted world.

Margarida Isabel disse...

Good night teacher,
I have seen your post of the music video, and I must say I found the lyrics very creative.
The music shows us how to take after our home and makes us think over about what we've been doing wrong. And mostly, because of the music's entertaining rythm, I can't get it out of my head, so it's impossible for me to forget the 3R's.

"Think globally. Act neighborly."