sábado, 22 de maio de 2010

A multicultural world

Watch these videos and leave a comment on one of them.

Stop discrimination

Celebrate diversity

As we come towards the end of the school year…I wish you all the best in life.
Watch this video. I hope it inspires you!


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Eduarda Ferreira 11º10 disse...

Hello teacher.
The end of classes already is approaching and with it the sun, but for English there is always a willingness to study.
tomorrow is the big day.

João Pedro Borges disse...

I Love your blog (L)
Is very useful :D
Thanks for everything :)
João Borges

Adriana Melim disse...

Hello teacher, thank you for this great lesson of life!
This blog was very important because it helped me study for tests in a dynamic and interesting way.
I hope one day I can demonstrate all the skills I learned during this year and thanks to you.
So now that the sun is coming and the holidays are arriving I need to thank you for this year. THANK YOU
Adriana Melim

Anónimo disse...

This blog is amazing =)

Rosa Carolina disse...

Hello teacher, thank you for everything,for your preoccupation, for your care when you put all this things in this site to help our study, it helped me a lot.

ana isabel disse...

Hello teacher! I did the exercises that you gived and i hope that it will help me for the test.
tank you for all of your sport during this year!
ana isabel

ana isabel disse...

i made a mistake... i was trying to write"support".

PauLo RIOT! GoNCaLVes disse...

what up teacher? have you already considered my suggestion of seeing jennifer's body? Here's something to see... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3sA5plF6kE. But anyway i just bounced here to wish you the best and stuff... u know... and mainly because you said so. This is RIOT! going out.
I'll comment (whatever this is...) again before the end of school.

Sofia disse...

OMG Riot! ahah
Yes, teacher, I agree with him, you should consider his suggestion. Jennifer's Body is a great film (I know the name is odd and so, but it really is good) well, the important thing is watching a movie :P it will be more fun, for sure!
Don't think that I don't love your lessons, I do.. just because you have nice bracelets! (kidding)
You're funny and easy and we can speak to you.. and I love your relaxed way. Yes, I'm not the biggest student (I don't really like to study) but when I come here, and I do it a lot, I do all the exercises, I try to solve my doubts and that's important to me.. a blog like this one is important for the good work of a fantastic teacher. We have to have more teachers like you, people who are able to improve skills and do a interactive (?) job!
Yes. You should advise your partners to do a blog!


Sofia disse...

* it is really good

Sofia disse...

*an interactive (?)

PauLo RIOT! GoNCaLVes disse...
Este comentário foi removido por um gestor do blogue.
Anónimo disse...

hello teacher
the blog is very useful
god holidays...

PauLo RIOT! GoNCaLVes disse...

heer's anoher message for you to remove:
so school's up. one more year and were through. the hole frigging world is gonna drop on us, and we just have to take it. good luck for everyone. i'm thinking we all go to different classes. so heer's my goodbye. So Long And GoodBye.
another link for you. it's a song for the teacher for everything http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-QKFbNU2CY&feature=related

It's a FanMade Video.theres no official video for the song. everything will be fine everything in no time at all. i think thatll be all.good vacation.
dyou see? I didn't said shit at all.:P i hope still see you around

PS: I know how to spell heer. I just write it like this because it looks better.

Carolina Sofia disse...

Lol Riot!
You're right, heer seems cute.
You and me. same mind.. I came to show you this music.. I decided to share it, I don't know the real reason, but I do love this sound, so.. go to youtube and watch the video Lioness - You're my heart
Good Vacations!

Carolina Sofia disse...

PS. My music has nothing to do with Paulo's music.
It seems that I've nothing to do but write here.. so, I'm sharing with you my favourite things so you can watch them too.
Watch the Kiwi animation from youtube (it's about a bird, a kiwi, that wanted to fly, I love it) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdUUx5FdySs
Then, you've to see "Land of the Blind". It's an alternative movie, you can watch it on youtube, without subtitles (I think you'll understand). Ralph Fiennes and Donald Sutterland, great actors.
Then, you should listen Queen and Gary Jules - Mad World.
That's it.